The sparkling interplays of light and the splendour of mosaics from Vetro Casamood collection show a refined transparency.

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The Casamood glass collections for interior design are Chroma, Neutra and Metalli. With their decisive personality, each colour can be used individually or in combination.

vetro neutra
vetro metalli
vetro chroma
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Test methodReference valueDeclared value
Barefoot slip resistanceDIN-51097-CLASSE C / CLASS C / CLASSE C / GRUPPE C / CLASE C 
Glaze crazing resistenceISO-10545-11-RESISTE / RESISTANT / RÉSISTE / ERFÜLLT / RESISTE
Resistance to domestic chemicals and additives for swimming poolsISO-10545-13-UA - GA 
Resistance to low concentrations of acids and alkali-ULA - GLA 
Resistance to high concentrations of acids and alkali-UHA - GHA 
Resistance to stainingISO-10545-14-CLASSE 5 / CLASSE 5 / CLASS 5 / GRUPPE 5 / CLASE 5
Amount of water absorbed, in percentageISO-10545-3-< 0,5%
Resistance to deep abrasion of unglazed tilesISO-10545-6-< 300 mm3
Resistance to abrasion of glazed tilesISO-10545-7-4
Coefficient of thermal linear expansionISO-10545-8-< 7.5


  • Slipperiness test results are referred exclusively to mosaic.

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